Testimonial by Kim Jones who was not a client of 2BSure but was referred to 2BSure by a relative of hers who knew Steve at 2BSure and suggested that Kim contacted Steve for assistance……..hence the following is what occurred……

“Water from my shower recess penetrated the waterproofing and into the walls causing damage to all affected areas. I endeavoured to make a claim for the water damage but was declined the claim by the insurance underwriter who cited that the problem was caused by poor workmanship.

It look as though the cost of rectification was coming out my own pocket even though I believed that I should have been covered under our insurance policy.

My father suggested that I contact Steve at 2BSure Insurance Brokers to see if he could be of any assistance, even though Steve was not our Broker at that time.

After discussions with Steve, I gave him authority to act on our behalf as our Broker.

Steve, along with a plumber attended our home to verify the cause of the problem. It was confirmed that the problem was caused by the breakdown of the waterproofing membrane.

Due to Steve’s experience he followed up on one key aspect and that was whether or not I had our ‘original certification’ for the building of our home15 years before? I DID have the certification (Confirming that all work met the correct specifications).

Once Steve presented the certification to the insurer they conceded to process the claim and I received a well needed payout of $25,000 to assist with the repairs and rectifying the damage.”