No matter what business you are into, every business requires machinery — be it small and straightforward or large and complex. Machines tend to break, and so do the equipment and manufacturing plants in the industry. A sudden need for finances strikes the business at such times and insurance can come to the rescue. 


What is machine breakdown insurance? 

A machine breakdown insurance refers to covering the emergency expenses that your business machinery demands. It covers the entire range of your equipment facilities and the physical plant set-up that forms your business’s life.  

It helps you cover the finances that go into repairing and even replacing the machineries, depending on the policy. The inclusion and exclusion criteria differ with different insurers. 


List of equipment covered 

The insurance cover includes broad spectrum of machinery. Some of them are: 

  1. Facility Equipements 
  1. Boilers 
  1. Mechanical Machinery 
  1. Electronic Equipements 
  1. Entire Manufacturing Plant 


Perks of getting machinery insured 

There are many advantages of getting a machinery breakdown insuranceYou can get coverage for machinery breakdown, breakage of boilers and other such pressure vessels, electronic equipment along with the business interruption that results from the damage. 

The business interruption coverage accompanies machinery breakage and takes care of the loss you suffer due to the interruption. There are only a few exclusions as the insurance covers a wide array of factors. 

You can also get insurance for your stock that goes along with equipment for better coverage and financial security at the time of such emergencies. 


What is not covered? 

Although the insurance covers a broad spectrum of machinery, there are several things which are not typically covered under this insurance, which are as follows: 

  1. The wear and tear that machinery suffers due to gradual deterioration 
  1. The replacement costs of expendable parts of equipment 
  1. Regular/usual maintenance of the machinery 
  1. Wear and tear resulting from failure in getting regular maintenance 
  1. Fire, chemical or smoke explosions 
  1. Damage caused due to natural calamities 
  1. Damage caused due to theft (You can get theft insurance for this) 
  1. Intentional damage caused to machinery 


As machinery plays a crucial role in your business, getting insurance for covering their damage becomes essential. If you want a quote for your machine breakdown insurance, contact 2bsure insurance brokers and we will get in touch soon.