You might own a business that involves movement of goods across Australia or a transportation business that mediates transit across Australia and overseas. In any of these situations, there prevails the risk of cargo loss due to some unavoidable reasons. How will you cope up with that loss? Managing such massive finance at one go is a tough task. Thus, it is always advisable to get a Transit Insurance to manage your losses. 

Here are a few points that cover almost all the information about transit insurance: 

Damages Covered 

Transit insurance mostly includes following in the coverage: 

  1. Breakage or loss of goods when they are on the transit journey 
  1. Loss of products in accidents or third-party mishandling 
  1. Damage caused during incidental or self-nominated storage of products during the transit 
  1. Cover for any alternative accommodation required for the goods 
  1. Cover for damage of good even while they are in an overseas transit 


Application Procedure 

The modern world supports quick and online procedures for everything. The process for application of Transit insurance is also fast and easy. It takes no more than 5 minutes to fill the application form. Mostly the insurers approve the application online, and you get an e-copy for the same. In case the policy cannot be issued immediately, the insurer makes sure to complete the required procedure as quickly as possible. 


Policy Pricing 

The premium for the transit insurance varies according to the following factors: 

  1. Type of transit — Commercial or Household. 
  1. The journey of goods; distance from one place to another. 
  1. The original value of the goods. 

There is a minimum premium amount that you need to pay while buying any transit insurance. Further, the prices rise according to the factors mentioned above. 


Who can buy Transit Insurance? 

There are no eligibility criteria for transit insurance. It can help anyone who is moving goods. Some of the frequent transit insurance purchases are made by: 

  1. People who are moving from one house to another 
  1. People owning transportation business 
  1. Manufacturers who want to distribute their goods locally and globally 


How to easily get your quote? 

If you want to move your goods, get a quote for transit insurance today. We at 2Bsure offer the best insurance schemes for better coverage of expected damages to your products. Contact us and get every detail about transit insurance, choose the policy you need, and complete the procedures.